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About Serenity Spa

Serenity Spa and Natural Health Clinic now has two locations – the original location, downtown at 7th and Market and the new location at 6th and Union above Farrelli’s Pizza and Metronome Coffee in Tacoma’s 6th Ave District.

The 2nd location, just in case you were wondering, is an extension of all the relaxation and serenity of the first with even more medical offerings. Now before you sigh and suspect that we have turned the 6th Ave location into a clinic – think again!

The owners of Serenity wanted to provide full Women’s Health services for a long time yet were constrained with space at the Market location. The 2nd location provides the perfect space for you to have all your wellness services in a serene spa environment with some added perks!

Serenity is redefining the way you think about medicine. We provide the healthcare YOU DESERVE!

YOU DESERVE – a calm, serene environment to focus on yourself

YOU DESERVE – options in healthcare – from Western Medicine to Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Natural Esthetics and Herbal Medicine – we’ve got you covered.

YOU DESERVE – a health advocate and we’re here to inspire you to live well every day

YOU DESERVE – a team on your side to guide you to optimal health – at Serenity we practice integrative medicine every day so if you see one of us for Women’s Wellness and another for Acupuncture you can guarantee that we’ve discussed your case to ensure we are providing you the best care possible.

YOU DESERVE – to be pampered – come on in, grab some tea, relax for a bit and let’s chat about how we can work together to help you reach your health goals!