B12 Booster $20

Increase energy, boost your immune system, support weight loss and elevate mood.

Liquid Sunshine $30

Need help surviving a series of really rainy days? Boost energy, elevate mood and decrease anxiety with some liquid rays of Glutathione, Vitamin B Complex and B12.

Shoo Flu $40

Kick cold, flu and virus symptoms from the start. B Complex, Vitamin C and extra Methyl B12.

Cellulite Blaster $50

Our Cellulite Blaster Injection with the addition of the amino acids Methionine, Inositol and Choline helps with fat burn, elevates the mood and can prevent sugar cravings.

Joint Jazz $35

This formula is great for those that can predict weather pattern changes and for those with hot inflamed joints. A combination of an anesthetic and the homeopathic formula, Zeel helps to ease the sorest of joints for those suffering from arthritis.

Migraine Melt $40

Calm tension or migraine headaches with Magnesium and B2 combined with a homeopathic headache blasting formula.

Serenity Now $40

This formula combines the tension melting power of Magnesium with the tranquility inducing effects of amino acids L-Tryptophan and Gaba while allowing Taurine to soothe the nervous system. If you’re feeling anxious, battling insomnia or just need to chill out, this formula has your name on it.

PMS Arrest $40

Reduces PMS and cramps before they start or if they’ve set in. This formula can also be used at ovulation for prevention of PMS. B Complex, Magnesium and extra B12 combined with a homeopathic formula to ease PMS symptoms.

Muscle Melt $40

This powerful combination of Lidocaine and the homeopathic formula, Traumeel, provides prompt relief from myofascial pain and other symptoms associated with acute or chronic injuries. Physical exam required prior to first injection.

Flush it $45

Just what you need when you feel toxic and puffy from over-doing it. After vacation, holiday weekends, too much champagne, or any over indulgence, this will help flush toxins and help the body heal.

Spasmatazz $ 40

This injection is specific to muscle spasms that occur commonly in menstrual cramping, spastic cough, abdominal cramping, and eye twitching. Useful as an anesthetic, a mix of homeopathic and vitamisn serums provide quick relief.

Radiance $45

Eat well, exercise, and still looking for that glow? Let us provide a Biotin rich injection that is sure to help your skin feel clear and radiant!

stress Less $40

Our combination for stress support is rich in Vitamin B and a special formulation to provide adrenal support. This shot will help you rest and release tension due to stress.

FibroFreedom $45

Designed for the pain specially associated with fibromyalgia. This formula contains a blend of homeopathics designed to relieve deep muscle pain, flush toxins, and relieve puffiness.

Wonder women $60

Ever need it all? Let us help you be the Wonder Woman you know you are! A signature blend of vitamins and homeopathics created to give you energy, focus, mood stabilty and the power to move mountains!

SuperMan $60

When you need to do it all and still be made of steel. This signature formula is for sustained energy, mood stability, calm, focus, and peace. Be strong.