Integrative Podiatry


Podiatry Consultation

Experience the very best podiatric medicine and surgery has to offer. We can assist you with all of your foot and ankle concerns. These can range from sports injuries to heel pain, diabetic foot checks, cracked heels, nail care, surgical intervention, geriatric care and much more.

PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is an innovative treatment that uses the body’s own platelets to relieve pain and promote accelerated, long-lasting healing of musculoskeletal conditions without the side effects of medicine or surgery. Platelets are a specialized type of blood cell which contains the growth factors needed to heal injured tissues including tendons, ligaments and joints.

Marigold Therapy

Marigold Therapy is a safe, pain free and natural therapy that involves the application of plant-based medication, in the form of pastes, tinctures, oils and ointments. It has been proven effective in the treatment of; Corns, Callus, Ulcers, Eczema, Athletes Foot, Verruca, Painful Bunions, Fungal infections and much more.

Custom Orthotics

Our custom orthotics are fitted and molded to address specific foot structure, gait, and ailment imbalances to provide support and alleviate pain and discomfort.

Keryflex Nail Treatment

First application - $175 One big toe & two small toes I $100 Additional big toe I $25 Additional small toe

Refill $75

KeryFlex is a safe, nonsystemic in-office application that restores the appearance of natural nails while allowing the podiatrist to remodel nails affected by fungus, nail dystrophies and trauma.

Podiatric Pedicure

60 min: $110

Performed by a podiatrist, our medical pedicures are the ultimate experience to leave your feet looking and feeling fabulous, for both healthy feet and those in need of a little extra care. We offer safe nail care and skin care solutions including the safe removal of hard skin, cracked heels or callus with all the pampering of a pedicure. Unlike standard pedicures, our treatments are suitable for high risk people, diabetics or those at risk of foot problems such as those currently undergoing chemotherapy.


30 min: $80

This treatment goes beyond the feel-good effects of a foot massage by kneeding specific reflex points on the foot to induce a healing response in corresponding organs and areas of the body.