Our Founders


Megan Douglas, LMT

License #: MA00018906

On a mission to raise healthcare consciousness, Megan believes healing begins with calmness and extends this serene feeling into every aspect of Serenity. Megan has 13 years of massage experience, and still her greatest joy is interacting with guests.

Nothing makes her happier than seeing how thrilled our guests are when arriving at Serenity. One of Megan's specialties is intraoral massage. This technique helps guests with severe headaches find relief by relaxing their jaw muscles. Megan is a wife and mother of two children, Cohen and Henry.


Michael Douglas

Driven by a passion for helping and healing the community, Michael works behind the scenes as the Chief Operating Officer where he manages everything from finances, to overseeing marketing efforts, leading team meetings and overall business flow. We can even say he is part of the glue that holds us all together as he even jumps in as handyman when things need fixing around the spa. He enjoys seeing guests and the Serenity staff alike heal and grow over time and find their best paths. In his free time outside of the spa you can catch him playing Star Wars legos with his and Megan’s sons, playing guitar or attending Husky football games.

Our Acupuncturists


Jeremy Frieling, EAMP

License #: AC60719975

Jeremy has a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from Western Washington University. He is passionate about providing healing and wellness to his patients everyday.  His specialty interests include pain management, women’s health, as well as mental/emotional well-being. Jeremy spends his free time volunteering with Seattle Acupuncture for Veterans as well as adventuring with his golden doodle Teddy. Jeremy currently holds the title of Best Acupuncturist in the South Sound as voted on by community members in South Sound Magazine’s 2019 “Best-of” lineup.

Michaele Flynn, EAMP

License #: AC00002984

Michaele Flynn has been a Licensed Acupuncturist for over a decade. In her early life, Michaele worked in an Infant Learning program, as well as Head Start Grantee program support in Alaska. Her experiences in Alaska lead her towards Massage Therapy and eventually Asian Medicine. After she received her first acupuncture treatment, she knew the care of ‘mind, body, and spirit’ was what she wanted to do. At Serenity, Michaele strives to provide gentle, effective care for each of her patients; to have fun and be loving all within the short amount of time she gets with each person she meets. Micheale also loves being able to add a few minutes of cupping or guasha to enhance the supportive and relaxing qualities of her treatments. Outside of Serenity, Michaele loves yoga and Zumba, hanging out with friends, walking around beautiful Tacoma, and playing with her rescue animals.

Our Estheticians


Bronwen Boe, LE

License #: 118378

Bronwen is a Licensed Esthetician with a passion for the science behind skin and skin care products. She graduated from the Euro Institute of Skin Care and specializes in skin diagnosing, manual lymphatic drainage and lash treatments. She loves to do facial peels for clients to help them achieve their skin care goals. In her free time outside of the spa you can find Bronwen traveling, reading and learning more about living a holistic lifestyle.


Marina Shipman, LME

License #: 104271

Our esthetics guru, Marina Shipman, has been a Master Esthetician since 2014. She graduated from Clover Park Technical College and has been oncology trained in esthetics since 2016. Some of Marina's favorite treatments to do at Serenity are microneedling and chemical peels, and loves when her guests leave feeling refreshed, radiant, and healthy. When she's not at the spa, you can find Marina spending quality time with friends and family, exploring the outdoors on a beautiful Pacific Northwest hike, or enjoying live music at a concert.

Our Massage Therapists


Cionne Butcher, LMT

License #: MA60897164

Cionne Butcher is a licensed massage therapist specializing in myofascial and cervical neck work. She graduated from the Cortiva Institute where she learned valuable deep tissue techniques. Her favorite part of her job is working with guests for multiple treatments and seeing them improve with each session. In her free time you can find her spending time outdoors adventuring, kayaking or camping.


Elise Kennedy, LMT

License #: MA60437534

Elise Kennedy has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2013. Elise strives to consistently give quality massage that meets the needs of her clients, whether physical or emotional, she enjoys helping to soothe and relax both the body and mind. The atmosphere in the spa is Elise's favorite aspect of working at Serenity and says, "It's truly a treat just to walk in the doors, it makes your whole mood shift for the better." To relax outside of Serenity, Elise loves to hang out with her hubby, her daughter, and her furry feline friends.


Julia DuColon, LMT

License #: MA60950003

Julia DuColon is a licensed massage therapist, licensed at the Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics. She specializes in pre-natal massage, deep tissue work and myofascial release. Her favorite part of her job is making her guests feel so relaxed that they could fall asleep, and especially loves to bring comfort and relaxation to expecting mothers through focused pre-natal massage techniques. In her free time you can find her adventuring with her daughter or going to shows.


Maddie Franco, LMT, LME

License #: MA60315754

Massage Therapist and Master Esthetician, Maddie Franco, will leave you glowing inside and out. Her passion for esthetics started when she was a teenager and has grown into her career. She obtained her massage license through Everest College and her esthetics licenses through Salon Professional Academy and the Washington Laser Institute. Maddie enjoys being apart of Serenity because it allows her an opportunity to empower women and make them feel beautiful. Her favorite service to provide is a Brazilian Wax. While scary to some, Maddie is a veteran esthetician and can be trusted to provide you with a relaxing environment and excellent results. In her free time outside of the spa you can catch her doing yoga, hanging with her kitties or taking a relaxing walk.


Nick Reckis, LMT

License #: MA60879912

Nick Reckis is a licensed massage therapist specializing in deep tissue work and myofascial release after graduating from the Cortiva Institute in Federal Way. His favorite part of massage is providing focused deep tissue work so his guests can relieve problem tension and injuries. In his free time you can catch him relaxing by the water or playing music.


Randy Watson, LMT

License #: MA60483853

Randy Watson is a Licensed Massage therapist joining our team with five years of experience after being licensed at Cortiva in Seattle. He specializes in myofascial and neuromuscular therapies. His favorite part of massage is seeing his guests feel better and improve after each treatment. In his free time you can find him practicing martial arts, hiking and continuing to learn to better his massage techniques.


Sheila Strecker, LMT

License #: MA60486625

Sheila Strecker is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing since 2014 after graduating from the Cortiva Institute in Seattle. A beautiful free spirit, Sheila spent her years before massage adventuring around the world. She was an Au Pair in Ireland, worked at an art museum, a pizza parlor, and was even a farmer! She carries this creativity into her work and blends it with professionalism to always find the perfect care plan for each of her guests. Her goal at Serenity is to educate all of her guests and create a space for people to feel they can unwind and forget their troubles for at least an hour. Sheila enjoys being able to feel relaxed with her clients and says working with supportive coworkers always help her feel at ease.

Taylor Booth, LMT, LME

License #: MA60184011

Taylor is dual licensed as both a massage therapist and esthetician. With more than eight years of experience since graduating from Clover Park Technical College, Taylor is highly skilled in all areas of her work with guests. She specializes in headache and stress relief through massage and most enjoys offering herbal massages and body treatments. In her free time, Taylor enjoys a new-found love for plants and has a knack for interior design.

DSCN2914 2.JPG

Trinity Songha, LMT

License #: MA6076936

Trinity Songha, LMT, has been in the health and wellness industry since 2010. Before becoming a massage therapist, she was a yoga instructor. Her mission at Serenity is to bring well-being and vitality to her clients. Trinity joined the SereniTeam in 2017 and enjoys being able to provide a healing space for clients and being surrounded by amazing co-workers. Some of her favorite areas to work on clients are the shoulders and neck, as they are the areas that hold the most tension and stress. Outside of work, Trinity likes outdoor activities such as hiking and biking, and also relaxing activities such as reading, practicing yoga, or just simply sitting in stillness and sipping on a delicious cup of chai tea.

Our Physical Therapists


Natasha Hennings, DPT

License #: PT60531477

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Natasha has more than five years experience working with patients to get their lives back after injuries or limitations. Natasha graduated first from LeTourneau University in Texas and then from Azusa Pacific University in California. She is board certified in orthopaedic work and also specializes in pelvic floor health. In her free time outside the spa, she likes to stay active hiking, working out and painting. Fun fact, she was a volunteer firefighter from age 16-19, so she's one tough gal!


Rebecca McCormick, DPT

License #: PT60137061

Our expert in physical therapy: devoted to crafting individualized and effective rehabilitation plans for our guests. Throughout her career, Becky has worked primarily in orthopedics, focusing on manual therapy and muscle re-balancing. She has years of experience treating pelvic floor disorders including pelvic pain, incontinence, and lumbosacral dysfunction. She loves caring for the pre and post-natal community, helping women prepare and recover from childbirth. If you’ve experienced ineffective physical therapy in the past, Becky wants to work with you!

Our Spa Coordinators


Marisa D.

Marisa is our Operations Manager and brings more than six years of customer service experience to her role. A native to the Tacoma area, Marisa offers a lot of knowledge about the area and makes excellent recommendations for guests to enjoy beyond just spa treatments. Her favorite part of her job is seeing all of the returning faces and building relationships with all of our guests. In her free time you can find her attending concerts, exploring or getting out and enjoying nature.


Sarah M.

Sarah has dual roles here at Serenity as both a Spa Coordinator at the front desk and behind the scenes as our Marketing Guru. Sarah graduated from Washington State University in Pullman with a BA in Communications and has worked in the marketing field for almost five years. Whether helping a guest make appointments or crafting that perfect social media post, she strives to get our books filled and share the Serenity mission with our community and beyond. In her free time she loves going to concerts, reading and has a passion for makeup artistry.

Our Admin Team


Corinne B.

Corinne is our queen of Accounting, HR and credentialing. Her overall goal always is to keep the books and Serenity team financially healthy so that we can keep Tacoma healthy. She keeps everyone on track and on the same page with new laws, licensing requirements and more. Corinne is an integral part of our behind-the-scenes team. In her free time she is bass player, and enjoys gardening, painting and games with friends.

Elaina C.

Billing Manager, Elaina Clauson, has been working in billing for 12 years. Over a decade of billing has been hard work, but helping patients and contributing to their understanding of insurance has always been her reward. She has found Serenity to be a comforting place to work, and she immediately felt like she was part of the family. Outside of work, Elaina likes to hang out with her friends and family, go to the movies, and watch her son play sports.