Naturopathic Medicine

Primary Care

All our doctors treat both acute and chronic conditions and are skilled in combining the most effective therapies with the most natural medicine and nutritional support to resolve symptoms and improve health.

Nutrition Counseling

Individualized diet education including whole foods, weight loss, health recovery and analysis in discovering food allergies and sensitivities. The primary focus is to help people establish a healthy relationship with food. We view food as a powerful medicine and will examine dietary choices which may assist or inhibit your body’s optimal functioning. Special attention is given to the investigation of food allergies and sensitivities. We can also advise you on the use of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to help correct deficiencies and imbalances.

Allergy & Hormone Testing

Standard lab tests can be done through our office such as chemistry screens, cholesterol checks, food allergies testing, and hormone evaluations for conditions such as hypothyroidism, adrenal stress and hormonal imbalances.

Practitioner-Guided Detoxification

We’re all exposed to toxins and stress on a daily basis. Our modern lifestyle burdens the body and contributes to a variety of health conditions. We offer a 21-day cleansing program that enhances the body’s ability to detoxify and eliminate. Our patients achieve tremendous therapeutic results and learn skills they can use repeatedly to recover their health and stay healthy. Your doctor will individualize a cleanse plan that meets your health goals.

Weight Loss Program

Our physicians specialize in designing safe and effective weight loss plans that address the underlying causes of obesity and create long lasting change. Most of our patients achieve their goal weight by following an individualized diet, exercise and supplement plan the doctor prescribed to treat their health issues.

Herbal Medicine

Medicinal herbs in such forms as tinctures, capsules, teas, and creams help facilitate detoxification, help fight infections, and nourish the body. There is extensive research showing that herbal remedies are both safe and effective in alleviating many clinical conditions when compared to synthetic pharmaceuticals.