Simple Sustainability

By: Sarah Moore

With Earth Day coming up this month on April 22, it brings extra attention on the importance of practicing sustainability. The issues of climate change, pollution and waste are always hot button topics, and can feel very dooming to talk or think about. It can become overwhelming to wonder if there’s anything you can do to help and if the businesses you know and love are doing their part as well. So we wanted to share with you our efforts to have Serenity run sustainably as well as offer a few tips for small ways you can begin to make a difference too and even have fun with it.

Change can be intimidating, there are many items or habits we have that are very convenient but create a lot of waste without us even realizing. It’s the convenience factor which can make changing those habits very challenging, but—it’s not impossible. Consider the new straw regulations or the local bag taxes. It can seem frustrating at first, interrupting parts of our conveniences and daily lives. But when it’s for the greater good, we can definitely get on board! Any change takes time, and even the smallest ones count because when everyone does small things, it adds up to be a big deal.

At Serenity, we do little things everyday that contribute to positive sustainability practices. Small habits we’ve created to both leave a smaller footprint behind us as well as to offer you an even better, safer spa experience. Here are a few of the things we do to practice sustainability:

  • Using Organic and Natural Products

We do a lot of laundry, wash a lot of dishes and do a lot of daily cleaning to make sure our spas are ready for each and every guest. That means that it’s very important to us to use products that won’t harm the environment or our guests! We use many natural soaps and clean cleaning products that will keep the germs away but also won’t leave chemicals behind in the water.

  • Using Energy Efficient Technology and Practices

Not only do we use energy efficient appliances when the spa is open and running during the day, but we also make sure to unplug everything we aren’t using at night too. That way we aren’t draining unnecessary energy!

  • Partnering with Brands that have Sustainable Practices

Our skincare line, Eminence Organics, isn’t just an amazing company because their products are great for healing all skin types. They are also amazing because they use environmentally conscious packaging, all the way down to having biodegradable packing peanuts in their shipping. Plus, with every purchase of a product, Eminence is committed to planting a tree to help re-grow forests and create healthy environments. Together during our partnership with Eminence our sales of products have planted more than 2,300 trees! Without even knowing it, if you’ve purchased from us, you’ve planted a tree—how cool is that?

Now that you know what we are doing to practice sustainability, we thought we would share a few small ways you can start making an impact in your own life. Here are four things you can start doing to live more sustainably:

  1. Bring your own mug to your favorite coffee shop and use reusable k-cups at home.

    Cut down on the waste you create by using your favorite travel mug for hot or cold drinks at your favorite coffee shop. Some businesses even offer some small discounts for doing it! Plus, most tumblers have their own reusable straws so you don’t have to worry about going strawless if you’re not a fan. You can also practice less waste at home by using reusable k-cups in your keurig. A bonus here is that bagged coffee is usually a better bang for your buck, and adding the ground coffee to your own k-cup takes only a small moment longer to fill and make than using a pre-made one. You don’t have to give up the convenience of quick-made coffee or visiting your favorite stand in town, just changing what containers you use can add up over time. Imagine if you make a k-cup once a day, everyday, you could save at least 365 k-cups in just one year from going in the trash by using reusable ones.

  2. Bring reusable bags to the store and ditch individually bagging your produce
    When it comes to fruits and veggies, there’s really no need for all of the individual bagging that we do. Just ditch all the extra plastic and separate them in your cart for an efficient checkout. If you feel better when you keep everything separate, we understand, there are reusable shopping bags perfect for that too from companies such as Stasher!* Some even help you store your produce so it stays fresher longer which is a great benefit.  

  3. Try cloth cotton rounds instead of disposable ones for makeup removal, toner applications and much more
    In the theme of ditching single-use items for reusable alternatives, this is a great one. For makeup removal, toner and more you may go through 1-5 cotton rounds in one sitting. Try a washable alternative like Face Halo or The MakeUp Eraser, or if you have a skilled hand with the sewing machine, find your favorite soft microfiber fabrics and customize your own!* You can wash these in a garment bag with your regular laundry and get many uses out of them without having to buy packages all year-long. We love sustainability that also saves money too!

  4. Try thrift shopping to reuse already made clothing
    Thrifting is a fun way to experiment with fashion while being sustainable! Instead of always purchasing brand new items, check out a local thrift store to find some gently used items that still have a lot of wear and love left in them. You may be thrilled to stumble on something vintage and special, or have some unique finds that no one else will have. Plus, you may be able to find great deals that are cheaper than fast-fashion or high end alternatives. There are even online thrift sites like Poshmark and DePop so you can expand your range as well as search for specific items you may be interested in.* Make it a date with friends or your significant other and see who can find the most unique or outrageous item! Remember when we said sustainability could be fun too?!

Changing habits can be challenging, but it can also be fun to try new things and you may even find that you like the sustainable choice more than the convenient or familiar alternatives. Do you have other sustainability tips and tactics that you love? We want to know! Find us on Facebook and share your favorite tips and practices in the comments to celebrate this year’s Earth Day with us!

*Any specific brands mentioned are from the opinions of the writer and are not in any way sponsored, or affiliated with said brands.