Five Ways to Fall in Love with Wellness this February

By: Sarah Moore

February is well-known as the month of love. Store aisles fill with candies and chocolates, beautiful bouquets abound in floral shops, balloons float seemingly right in your viewpoint at all times and cards featuring sweet little notes fill the displays. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship, love the holiday regardless of being single or are a Valentine’s hater there’s still one thing we can all agree deserves some love, your personal wellness.

Self-love and care is an integral part of wellness, which we strongly believe in here at Serenity. So, we put together a list of five simple things you can do to practice and improve your personal well-being this month.

  1. Prioritize and Schedule your “You-Time.”
    Alone time is extremely important and often times is the easiest to sacrifice when our calendars and obligations overwhelm us. Setting aside specific time you can dedicate to yourself (and sticking to it!) is a simple step towards guaranteeing you can take a breath of fresh air. You can do this by writing in an hour or two in your planner, blocking off time in your online calendar or even planning a weekend where you commit to yourself and no other outside plans.

    “In order to show and give love to others, it’s essential for me to prioritize the love for myself as well.” - Katrina Arjona, Serenity Referral Coordinating Manager

  2. Take care of an injury or discomfort that you’ve been putting off.
    No matter if you work at a desk, in manual labor or somewhere in between, we often get accustomed to pushing ourselves through pain because we convince ourselves we are stronger if we don’t stop. Never stop your incredible work ethic, but to ensure that you can keep going like the Energizer Bunny for as long as possible, it’s always better to address injuries and discomfort as soon as it arises. Simple ways you can work on this over the month are trying new habits such as adding 5 minutes of stretching to your daily routine, using a fun app to track your daily steps or making that appointment you’ve been putting off. You can even use your dedicated you-time towards accomplishing this!

    “We have one body that our soul is given in this lifetime, what better way to honor the experience of being alive than loving and valuing the gift we are given.” Kayley Sandling,  Licensed Massage Therapist

  3. Start a savings stash for a treat-your-self splurge.
    We all have something on our wishlist that seems like it’s never going to happen. It might be a dream trip, a concert ticket to see your favorite artist, those fancy shoes you’ve had your eye on or even a day at the spa! Whatever your splurge of choice is, you’re much more likely to obtain it by being intentional and making a goal around it. Find a nice jar or break-out your childhood piggy bank, label it with what you ultimately want to use it for and what you need to save to afford it. If you like to stick to a system and put an amount in on a consistent basis, great! Another option is to fill it throughout a year and then see how much you’ve accumulated at the end. Either way you are improving your overall wellness by practicing some financial responsibility as well as getting yourself closer to something you’ll really enjoy!

  4. Fill your surroundings with positive reinforcements.
    A great way to fall in love with wellness, is to create a space for yourself that you’ll love and thrive in. This can be your bedroom, home or at-work office, spare room or any space that you can put your own personal touch on. By putting energy into making this space comfortable and welcoming in just the way you like, you’re setting yourself up well to be successful in whatever you plan to accomplish. Small things you can add as positive reinforcements are:
    - Making a vision board for your year
    - Display your goals in a place you’ll see them everyday
    - Add plants to make the room feel more alive
    - Hang up new art
    - Add a sunlight lamp or salt lamp to improve your moods
    - Set up an essential oil diffuser (lavender is calming to combat stress!)
    Stepping out of your comfort zone is great but making sure your comfort zone is comfortable is also just as important.

  5. Try one new healthy habit this month.
    We often put pressure on ourselves by having all-or-nothing attitudes when it comes to goal setting and healthy habits. We give up at the first setback or failure. However, taking small steps will still lead you in the direction of your health and wellness goals and be much easier to stick to if you start with what you can manage. There’s no shame in going slow! Plus you’re more likely to notice the impact of your new habit if you keep it simple. This month, choose just one thing you’ve been wanting to make progress on and set a goal, and then a supporting plan to measure it. It can be as simple as tracking your water intake for the month to practice better hydration. There are lots of apps that are easy to use for tracking, and help you out with water intake reminders throughout the day. (Many of our staff are having fun using Plant Nanny, a free app and not sponsored) Track your progress over one month and then celebrate your successes!

Pick just one, or try them all! We hope that no matter which route you choose that you fall in love with your wellness this month, because you deserve it.

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