What is an herbalist?

I will be a certified herbalist by the end of the year (she said with hope sparkling her eyes).  More times than not, when that comes up in conversation, folks ask quietly “what is an herbalist”. To my family it brought whispers of that “recently legalized” herb they have out west.  To my colleagues it meant alternative medicine, and more degrees. My husband has called it voodoo. What it really means is someone who has studied herbs as medicine, and has been taught to properly prepare herbs for use.  Being certified for me does not mean” better” or smarter. For me, it means I have studied herbal medicine, the plants themselves, as intensely as I studied nursing.  It also means that I know how to check the safety of herbs with medications, and other herbs and supplements.

I am also often asked why?  Why herbs? Why now? Aren’t you happy with what you know already?

Of course. It took all the things behind me to get me to where I am now, but few know this was the intention all along.  I never planned to be a hospital based midwife. I never intended to work in corporate medicine for all those years, but I did, and thank goodness. I have a very solid background in western medicine, and for several years worked very hard to become the nurse practitioner I am today. Now it is the time to use that solid background of physiology, anatomy, and 14 years in women’s health and bring to life what I believe to be a more sustainable medicine.  

I hope as you read this, you become curious. Come in for a visit, let’s chat and see which of your women’s health needs can be met with nourishing, beautiful herbs.