Oncology Facials Provide Much Needed TLC


If there was anything I knew about what type of career I wanted when I was younger, it was one that would allowed me to help others. Being a Master Esthetician I get to do that daily, as well as continue to take educational courses to learn and grow. One course that I have taken that will stay near and dear to my heart is Oncology Esthetics.
            In 2016, I became an Oncology Trained Master Esthetician. It really opened my eyes to how much cancer, radiation and chemotherapy can tax the entire body, including the skin. Chapped, flaky, dry, painful, inflamed skin are all very common for those going through treatment for their cancer, and often these patients aren’t instructed on the best way to care for it.
            Oncology Spa Solutions taught me just that. I now can help provide these patients with the TLC that they deserve, while keeping their safety my first priority with knowing: what ingredients are safe, what medication interactions with certain ingredients, and how to touch compromised skin.
             I’m glad through continuing education I am able to help those who need it the most. It's my passion.