Meet Alex - Our Licensed Acupuncturist & Newest Sereni-team Member!

Our licensed acupuncturist, Alex Tao, is dedicated to helping his guests find the results they're looking for. Facial acupuncture improves blood and energy circulation while nourishing the skin and increasing natural collagen production to decrease the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, and dullness. Let Alex help you to look and feel your absolute best for the new year!

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation with Becky McCormick, DPT

Serenity Spa offers Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, which is a type of physical therapy that can be very helpful for postpartum moms. Pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on the muscles and joints of the pelvic girdle, causing all kinds of inconvenient and uncomfortable symptoms for women during pregnancy and after giving birth. Come see Becky McCormick, our doctor of physical therapy at Serenity Spa in Tacoma! We accept most major insurance companies.

Fall In Love with Your Skin

Fall In Love with Your Skin

While the sun is still shining bright, fall is slowly creeping in. September has already arrived and before we know it, the leave will be changing and the rain will be falling. Once all our summer fun is wrapped up we will look and the mirror and see.....sun spots? Oh, dear. Sun damage after a fun filled sunny summer is normal, and here at Serenity, we have the cures to fade those spots away. From chemical peels and microdermabrasion to ultrasonic facials we've got what you need to make your skin look and feel fabulous!

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